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How do I host a conference call?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Hosting a conference call is simple. To start you'll need to have a conference room set up (we have to set rooms up ourselves; from there, you can indefinitely host calls in the room).

Every room has an internal extension, an external phone number, a moderator pin, and a standard user pin. When we make your room(s), you will be given this information.

  1. Your room is always ready to hold calls. If you plan on hosting a conference call, simply schedule the call in one of your rooms (tell people when the meeting is, and therefore when to call in)
  2. Once the appointed time of the conference call comes, you and everyone participating need to join. To join from one of your phones, simply dial the extension number of the conference room. If you're joining from a phone outside of the system, call the room's phone number.
  3. After joining, you will be prompted for a pin. There are two pins: the moderator pin and the standard pin. Naturally, you will give the standard pin to everyone, and keep the moderator pin private, only giving it to approved people.
  4. You will then be asked to say your name; this is so anyone else in the call will hear that you have joined.
  5. Now you are in the call! If you are the first to join, you will hear hold music. Once another person joins, you will hear each other. When a third person joins, you can all hear each other simultaneously; and so on for as many people as you want to join.

It's a good idea to think of conference centers as actual rooms; they're always there, it's up to you to schedule meetings in them.

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