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How do I move/re-install my phones?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Should you ever want to move your phones, be it to a different desk or a different facility, here is how to do do it right. Don't worry, moving them isn't hard.

  1. The phone itself has a power cable, ethernet cable supplying it internet, and handset cable. It may also have a second ethernet giving internet to another device (like a computer).
  2. To start, unplug all of these.
  3. Move the phone to where you want to have them. Wherever you put them will need to have a power outlet, and an ethernet port supplying internet.
  4. Plug an ethernet cable from the port into the phone. IMPORTANT Plug the cable into the port in the phone marked with a network symbol, NOT the port marked with a computer
  5. Plug the power cable into the power jack, and the outlet.
  6. If applicable, plug an ethernet cable into the port in the phone marked with a computer, and plug it into a device needing internet.
  7. One other important thing, you must contact us if you move a phone! In the event that someone dials 911 from your phone, it is imperative that the 911 info such as address be correct. If you move the phone, tell us so we can update the phone's address.
If you need any help with this, make sure to contact us for support.

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