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How to use eFax
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This is how to use the eFax function in our system.

  1. Go to your PBX server. (, etc.)
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on Apps > Fax Server


  4. Under Tools, click on New to send a new faximage A * indicates a required field. (Note: either a message OR files are required, but sending both is optional)
    • Header: Appears under logo on message page of fax. Pretty unimportant, all told. Usually filled by company name, subject, or classification info.
    • From: Says who the fax is from. Company name or name of sender goes here.
    • To: Says who the fax is for (This is NOT where the recipients fax number goes). Put recipient's or company's name here.
    • Fax number*: Put the recipient's fax number here.
    • Fax files*: Click Choose Files to select files from your computer to be sent as a fax message. Make sure the files you pick are PDFs.
    • Resolution*: Choose how high quality you want the fax to be.
    • Paper size*: Choose the paper size the message is to be printed on.
    • Subject: If you are faxing a message, not just files, fill this with the subject (like on an email)
    • Message*: If applicable, write a message email.
    • Footer: Fine print goes here; you can change what is automatically put here.
    • Preview: Exports a PDF of what your message will look like if sent
    • Send*: Sends message. Be patient, this will take several seconds.
  5. Clink on Inbox to view received faxes
    • Caller ID Name and Caller ID Number let you see info on who sent you the fax
    • Clicking the listing under File Name (Download) will download a TIF file of the fax message. (This is not recommended)
    • Clicking the PDF button under View will download a PDF of the fax message. (This is recommended)
    • Date lets you see the date of when the fax was sent/received. (Pretty obvious, but I gotta mention it anyway)
  6. Click on Sent to view sent faxes
  • See above for information on this.
  • Destination is who you're sending the fax to.

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