Read First

Read First

This page contains a few important key bits on information that will help you have the best performance from the chat application
  • If you have contacts that you would like imported, we suggest you import the contacts before you being using the app. Once a conversation is started a contact is automatically created with the users phone number, importing your contacts will not update these auto created contacts. We suggest importing your contacts right away.
  • Archive your conversation when it is completed. If you let the conversations inbox fill up with hundreds of conversations, the app will slow down and have poor performance. Archiving a conversation does not delete the data. Archiving removes the conversation from the active conversations list. If you send a text to an archived conversation, it is simply restored to active no data lost. This is the same behavior for inbound, if a text comes in to an archived conversation, it is restored to active no data is lost. We suggest you archive daily.

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